Paper & Packaging

Package Delivery

Our prints are made using 100% cotton rag 270 gsm paper.

Cotton rag as you would imagine is a tree free fibre.

Cotton is primarily grown for the cotton trade and when cotton goes through the ginning process it separates the cotton fibres from the seeds. The waste product of this is the 'lint'. Linters are then gathered and repurposed into cotton rag/paper.

So what could of been disregarded as waste and therefore chucked into a landfill it isn't... 

A lovely bonus of this gorgeous paper is not only it makes a lovely material to print on but because it is not a wood based paper it does not yellow over time either... Win win right!

Now our packaging also needs to tick some boxes, so our envelopes, tape, labels, tubes....Basically all our packaging is either previously recycled, can be recycled or can be composted.